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Data overflow

The ever-growing universe of data

The advancement of the digital world and internet of things has significantly increased the number of data sources, volumes and complexity. 

With so much to manage and watch over, business leaders are having real challenges to understand their data and find answers to their business questions:

  • Which products and customers are most profitable?
  • What are the cost trends squeezing my margins?
  • How is my team performing on key performance indicators (KPIs)?
  • What is really driving value on each line of the business?
  • How can I better predict equipment failures and avoid business disruptions?  

With so much invested in technology, why is it so hard to find insights? 

The common challenges


  • Most companies are not leveraging the latest data technologies available today. 
  • The vast majority are still relying on MS Excel and PowerPoint, tools created over 30 years ago!
  • Multiple versions of the data, spread over multiples sources and formats making it hard to reconcile. 
  • Long time to prepare and drill down means insights get lost throughout the process. 


  • Highly manual process (Copy and Paste)
  • Undocumented processes. Difficult to understand somebody else’s spreadsheets leads to reinventing the wheels over and over. 
  • Very time consuming and tedious data crunching process.


  • With so much time spent on data manipulation, there is little or no time for analysis, limiting the ability to find insights. 
  • Highly transactional nature of the work makes it hard to attract and retain talent. 

How data analytics can help

Leverage your existing data

Cutting edge data analytics methods and technologies can leverage the data you already have across multiple sources in your organization. Vizta Solutions has the technology and know-how to provide best-in class analytics consulting services so you don't have to invest in additional technology or hire more people. 

Transform data into insights

Once merged and validated, the data is used as input to advanced analytics calculations to find trends and insights and answers your most complex business questions.  

Share via interactive dashboards

Interactive dashboards empower people to navigate through insights, prioritize actions and allocate resources to the most valuable initiatives.  

Descriptive Analytics

Use data aggregation and data mining to provide insight into the past and answer: 

“What has happened?” 

Predictive Analytics

Use statistical models and forecasts techniques to understand the future and answer: 

“What could happen?” 

Prescriptive Analytics

Use optimization and simulation algorithms to advise on possible outcomes and answer: 

“What should we do?”